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Waste Removal in Stamford Hill Hackney London N16

Wondering where to find eco-friendly Waste Removal in Stamford Hill Hackney London N16?

In need of a cost-effective Waste Removal service for your property located at Flat 82, Joseph Court, London, N16? Go for our Waste Removal company in Stamford Hill Hackney London N16 and we will handle your cleaning chores.

We deliver first-class Waste Removal services at competitive prices.

Why Opt for our Waste Removal Services

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Our Prices for Waste Removal Services

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View our prices and you will find out how much it will cost you to dispose of your rubbish. Please note that the weights below are rough estimates and do not determine the final price for your job. Rubbish Disposal Estimation

Our transparent pricing system is designed to deliver affordable solutions to all our customers. Please note that if the amount of waste to be removed differs from the amount that you have claimed to our Stamford Hill Hackney London N16 customer service representatives, we may charge you additionally when our Waste Removal professionals arrive at your address in Stamford Hill Hackney London N16 to do the job for you.

The final cost of the service will be estimated according to this pricelist when our rubbish collectors arrive at your address:



Cubic yards

Max weigh

Equivalent to


Full Load

60 MIN


1400 kg

60 bin bags

£ 290

1/2 Load

40 MIN


 700 kg

40 bin bags

£ 170

1/3 Load

30 MIN


525 kg

30 bin bags

£ 135

1/4 Load

20 MIN


350 kg

20 bin bags

£ 100

3/4 Load

50 MIN


1050 kg

50 bin bags

£ 230

Minimum Load

10 MIN


150 kg

8 bin bags


1.When you hire us to dispose of heavy and bulky construction materials such as rocks, metal, wood, soil, bricks, concrete or hardwood the cost of the service will be based on their weight. We boast a fleet of modern vans that are equipped with the latest technology. We guarantee we will measure the exact weight of your load so you will pay only for the amount of rubbish you need removing.

2.We have designed our weight-based system is in order to make measuring the volume of rubbish easier. 100 kg of waste are equivalent to 1 cubic yard so, for example, if you have to dispose of 1000 kg waste, we will charge you for 10 cubic yards. The same pricing strategy is valid for small loads that are less than 1000 kg.

3.We have made it easy for you to estimate the final price for your rubbish disposal job. You just need to know that 1 bag of soil, concrete or rubble can hold around 30-50 kg. For example if you want to dispose of 25 bags, you will be charged for about 1000 kg (10 cubic yards).




Extra Heavy Waste

Due to how it is disposed of


Paint per litre

Due to how it is disposed of


TV or Monitor

Due to how it is disposed of


Weekend charge

Due to additional labour costs


Extra 10min Labour

If we exceed the loading time we charge


Per Fluorescent Tube

Due to how it is disposed of


Commercial Fridge

Due to how it is disposed of



Due to how it is disposed of


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